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Our Sliding Sash Windows

Features and Benefits                                                                                           

All window styles, including sash windows, can be produced including features such as arched head top sashes and bay windows.

All windows are designed with 24mm double glazed low E sealed units.

Tilt Option
By making the most of modern designs and materials, the Classic New Era Window can be made so that either or both sashes have an optional ‘tilt inwards’ facility, incorporating stay arms for safe use.

Period Detail
Period details available include the decorative ‘horns’ featured on the top sliding sash; the availability of brass effect sash lifts; locking cam catches and sash restrictors

All windows are supplied with the appropriate spring balance fully installed to match the weight and size of the sashes

An optional sash travel restrictor is available which limits the distance the sash will open

Glazing Bars
To produce that Georgian appearance of the sash windows, glazing bars can be added to both the inside and outside of the window and fitted in between the two panes of glass, inside the double sealed unit.

The following colours are available as standard: white, cream and golden oak. Other 'RAL' colours are available on special orders.

Features of our Sliding Sash Windows

System 10 Windows

High Quality, long lasting, attractively styled sash windows that add that extra touch to any house.

Whatever the style, period or desire, System 10 has a window design to match your choice

Design & Style for Every Building - Every Room
With a complete range of window styles available, including casement, tilt ‘n turn and sliding sash windows, we have a design to suit every room. Plus a wide choice of decorative features including patterned glazing, coloured lights in superb designs and the option of leaded glass. System 10 Windows are available in a range of colours and finishes.

Maintenance Free
Labour intensive maintenance is a thing of the past with System 10 Windows. All you need is the occasional wipe over with a damp, soapy cloth to keep the window frames looking like new.

Long Lasting Quality
System 10 Windows have galvanized steel reinforcement at key points, so they are extremely strong and built to last.

Superior Bespoke Service
Every single window is designed specifically for your home or business.

First Class Products
System 10 window profiles with their distinctive ‘soft look’ chamfer and design appeal are made in a state of the art manufacturing facility with rigorous testing and quality control.

If you are considering a window installation project then make sure to talk to us before making up your mind. What have you got to lose?

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